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1040Works-X: Tax Templates for AppleWorks

This is the software and manual for NAUG’s 1040Works-X: Tax Templates for AppleWorks. Written by Dan Verkade and Phineas R. Fiske.

NOTE: This software was released in 1992. US tax law has likely changed quite a bit in the ensuing decades. This software and manual are provided here for educational, research and preservation purposes ONLY. DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT use this to prepare and file your tax returns now or in the future. I am not responsible for anything the IRS might do to you (audits, fines, etc) as a result of the errors you will most definitely introduce into your return by using this software. The IRS doesn’t have a sense of humor and when it comes to filing your taxes, neither should you.

1040Works-X: Tax Templates for AppleWorks
Download PDF (59.2 MB)

1040Works-X Disk Images
Disk Images .zip (158K)