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The Halley Project: A Mission In Our Solar System (Mindscape, 1985)

These are the docs for The Halley Project: A Mission In Our Solar System, developed by Tom Snyder Productions and published by Mindscape in 1985. The PDF consists of scans of the game box, Mission Briefing Cassette, diskette, Flight Instructions Reference Card, Mission Technical Reference Guide, Registration for Certification, and a small version of the System Star Map.

You can also download separately an MP3 of the audio from the Mission Briefing Cassette and a large (8 MB) PNG of the System Star Map below.

The Halley Project Docs

Docs PDF (38.1 MB)
The Halley Project Mission Briefing Audio

Mission Briefing Audio MP3 (4.9)

The Halley Project - System Star Map (Large)
System Star Map (Large) PNG (7.6 MB)