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Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1 (Undated Version)

This is the undated version of the premiere edition of Apple on Apples, a magazine briefly published by Apple Computer with a lot of white space and advertorial. There was also a version printed for some reason with the date on the cover and a few other minor differences that you can read about on Paul Hagstrom’s excellent Yesterbits blog here.

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1

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II Computing: For Apple II Users

II Computing was published bimonthly from Oct/Nov 1985 to Feb/Mar 1987, for a total of nine issues. Each magazine had its own theme (Science, Education, etc) and came in at a hefty full-color 100 or so pages.  Two interviews with Steve Wozniak were printed during the short run, including one conducted shortly after the Apple co-founder had struck out on his own to form Cloud 9 – a company dedicated to perfecting the universal remote control.  It is interesting to see how Woz’s perspectives have shifted since then.  An interview with Apple executive Del Yocam appeared in the Education issue.

Like most of the other Apple II magazines from the period, each issue of II Computing featured a number of BASIC and assembly language programs that could be entered by hand and, because Cauzin was an early advertiser, many of the listings were also printed as “Softstrips”.

Whether due to the fact that the magazine was published by a company known for its affections for Atari computers, or that it appeared rather late in the life of the Apple 8-bit line, II Computing never attained the level of popularity of many of its contemporary publications.  Up til now, not much information has been available about this magazine on the internet.

Thanks to a generous donation from Kevin Savetz, who also secured Antic’s permission to post these volumes, the entire 9-issue run has been scanned and is now available for download.  You’re the bee’s knees, Kevin!

II Computing: For Apple II Users

II Computing: For Apple II Users