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Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1 (Undated Version)

This is the undated version of the premiere edition of Apple on Apples, a magazine briefly published by Apple Computer with a lot of white space and advertorial. There was also a version printed for some reason with the date on the cover and a few other minor differences that you can read about on Paul Hagstrom’s excellent Yesterbits blog here.

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1

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Apple UK Press Releases

Two more press releases, this time from Apple UK. The first is the announcement of Apple’s new research agreement with Sony to develop new hard disk drives and floppy technology after the fruits Apple’s own efforts, “FileWare” ended in problematic hardware and an eventual lawsuit from investors. The second, titled “I Am My Own Customer” outlined internal management shuffling and new sales initiatives to address Macintosh’s disappointing sales.

Apple UK Press Release - 05 April 1984 - Sony Research

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Apple UK Press Release - 10 August 1984 - "I Am My Own Customer"

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Hand-Holding BASIC (Apple Computer, 1980)

This is Hand-Holding BASIC, written by Neil Bennett and published by Apple Computer in 1980. The quality of the photocopy is on the poor side, suffering from smearing similar to though less-dramatic than the Create with Garfield scan I posted yesterday. Additionally, the screenshots of the program in operation are indecipherable static.

Hand-Holding BASIC (Apple Computer, 1980)

Download PDF (40.8 MB)

Note: I recently had the opportunity to “rescue” several boxes of photocopied Apple II manuals and documentation that had been discovered during a basement spring cleaning at my local library branch. This scan is sourced from a photocopy made on equipment that was new 40 years ago, so the quality is so-so and shouldn’t be considered archival. If I find an original manual, I’ll replace this file with an improved version.