Our Contributors

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the following individuals for their contributions to Apple2Scans, and its previous incarnations, The Computist Project, The AppleWorks Forum Archive and (going waaaay back) The Tarnover Apple II Archive.  Without your generous donations, hard work and effort, there would be no Apple2Scans today.  In no particular order:

Bill Martens: for encouragement, support, contributing missing scans to various collections, and providing a backup site for when my temper gets the best of me.  I miss our friendly rivalry… sort of.

Brian Wiser: for contributing missing scans for the Computist Archive, and for reading and replying to my long, rambling gripes, whines and various complaints.

Ed Eastman: for contributing missing scans, providing website advice and support and putting me up for a night or two on my way to KansasFest.

Tony Diaz: for providing corrections, information and access to hardware, software and anecdotes I’d probably never see or hear in person, otherwise.

Sean Fahey: for hooking me up with other Apple II hobbyists seeking to contribute materials and information, loans of Apple II material in need of a scanner, and for keeping A2Central up and running after Sheppy needed a break, and even giving me a chance to try my hand at taking over the place for a year.

Dr. Charles “Tom” Turley:  Yes, that’s right, I said it.  For providing me encouragement, advice and egging me on to start scanning Computist way back in ’98 before many of us were scanning, for donating webspace and content backup, for space on your couch for a couple of nights when I was in San Francisco, and for some darn hilarious reading on comp.sys.apple2 over the years.

Jeff “Rubywand” Hurlburt: for encouragement, website troubleshooting and advice, scanning tips and your contributions to Computist magazine.

Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini: for providing scans of manuals and magazines, and for continuing to put out incredibly awesome Apple IIGS software.  Vive la France!

Randy Brandt: for loans of AppleWorks Forum issues, and Beagle Bros. stuff.  Also, for writing a boatload of awesome Apple II utilities which kept me in my room, in front of my Apple II on many a sunny afternoon when I should have been outside, playing with friends and talking to girls.  And for AppleWorks, which made my schoolwork infinitely easier.  Also, for letting me hang out with one of my childhood heroes for a few hours and giving me the coolest computer in my collection.

Paul Hagstrom: for joining me in championing the Apple /// cause and constantly beating me to unusual stuff and great deals on eBay… okay, not so much that last one.  ;) Also, for the ON THREE scans and great blog entries on the cool stuff you find.  GIMME THAT LEGO SET!

Henry Corbis: for the scans of the Apple Service Technical Procedures, by far the most popular downloads on Apple2scans.  Also, for ReactiveMicro.com.

Paul Zaleski: for loans of various stuff to scan, for wasting several hours at KansasFest upgrading my Transwarp IIGS to 14 MHz, for making me seem a little cooler by letting me hang out with you, and keeping me company on the road to Rockhurst.

David Schmenk: for loaning Apple /// COBOL, and sharing the Apple /// Pascal scans.  Also for being a brilliant hardware hacker.

Dr. Ken Bucholz: for reminding me that liking someone isn’t a requirement for acknowledging and appreciating their contributions, and for motivating me to improve the quality of the work I do in this community.

Jason Scott: for being your totally awesome, quirky, inspiring, fun self, and your uncanny ability to give me a smile just when I most need one; for the incredible story of the Infocom hard drive over pancakes at 5:30 am at an IHOP near MCI; and for letting me hang out with you now and then, even if only as a fawning fanboy.

Nathan Mates: for GUPP, Twilight II and some really amazing Apple IIGS software, for creating and maintaing the original comp.sys.apple2 FAQs and then blocking access to them; and for your epic meltdown and ragequit, a flame-out so intense it’s still the stuff of Apple II legend.

Thomas Compter: for donating complete publishing runs of AppleWorks Forum, 8/16, II Alive and several boxes full of loose manuals, brochures and other materials.

Andy Molloy: for scanning advice, contribution of missing materials and a darn fine turn of Star Saga: One! I hope that Ultima II bigbox found a comfortable spot on one of your shelves.

Kevin Savetz: for donating the run of II Computing magazines.

Ken Gagne: for providing the masters of the early Juiced.GS magazines to be digitized; for donating a number of copies of CompuServe Magazines, and arranging a donation from Thomas Compter of NAUG AppleWorks Forum, II Alive, and a number of other loose issues.  For providing back-end web and CMS administration and troubleshooting assistance.

Anthony Martino: for the EDD Plus clone card, ultimateapple2.com and all the KansasFest late-night laughs.

Jesse Blue: for the Rhein-Neckar Apple Users Group (RNAUG) newsletters scans.

All of you have helped shape Apple2scans, to varying degrees and in different manners, some less material and direct than others.

…Warm fuzzies to you all…

Thanks to Warren Williams and Cathleen Merritt (NAUG), Charles R. Haight (Computist), and Bob Consorti (ON THREE), Gary B. Little, the minds behind Antic Publishing, Inc., and Randy Brandt for granting permission to scan, post and share your stuff.  The Apple II community is a better place because of your generosity.

Thanks to Dave Ottalini, chair of the Washington Apple Pi Apple /// SIG for producing the Apple /// DVD and then making it free and letting us post it.

There are so many more names that belong on this list, and I’m quite certain I’ve forgotten deserving contributors.  If you want a mention and you don’t see your name here, send me an email and I’ll correct my grievous error.  Also, please accept my deepest apology – it’s been a long road and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  If you’d prefer I not mention you, let me know and I’ll remove your name, but you’ll always have my deepest thanks.