Over the years, Apple produced many newsletters and company magazines. Some were non-specific, such as Apple on Apples, a general publication for customers; others were tailored for certain demographics: Apple /// Dimensions for Apple /// users; Apple Times, an internal publication for employees; develop for Macintosh developers.

Cupertino even had something for their dealers: applesource. Early issues were billed as, “A Semi-Regular Newsletter for Apple Computer Dealers”. Later, the whimsical “Semi-Regular” was dropped from the heading to adopt a more serious tone for the button-up crowed. The content remained fun and light. Last year, I came across applesource22 in a box of Apple /// materials someone sent me and more recently, I was able to acquire a few more.  The handful of issues I have were all published in 1980/1981, and the content was mostly light sales propaganda and fun little articles and encouragement for dealerships – contests, meet the new employees, Apple Expo ’81 coverage, etc.

applesource13 (Nov 1980)

applesource14 (Dec 1980)

applesource15 (Jan 1981)

applesource16 (Feb 1981)

applesource18 (Apr 1981)

applesource19 (May 1981)

applesource22 (Aug 1981)

applesource24 (Oct 1981)

applesource (Dec 1983)

I can’t find much about the history of this particular newsletter.  This San Jose Public Library collection of early Apple ephemera lists a box of applesource newsletters with dates from 1979 to 1985.  I’m not sure if those numbers denote a window of publishing that encapsulate the whole of the run, or just the issues they have on hand. If anyone has more information on applesource, scans or copies to donate, lend or sell, I’d love to hear from you and will be sure to include any forwarded information here.

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