Apple Times

Apple Times was an in-house newsletter produced by Apple for its European employees.  Printed in a “large-format” tabloid style commonly found in newsstands “across the pond,” this particular publication, among the dozens put out by the young company during those early years, stands out.  Apple’s over-the-top paranoia about leaks is famous in an industry known for organizations that value secrecy and security, so Apple Times provides a fascinating glimpse at some of the inner workings of our favorite fruit-flavored computer corporation.

For example, did you know that Apple had a generous Loan-To-Own program for its employees, that when combined with a one-time 70% discount, made it easy for its workers to afford the company’s expensive hardware?

Or that volunteers with Apple’s Speakers Bureau could receive free public speaking training?  Or that Apple had a Speakers Bureau for which you could volunteer?

Apple Time Vol. 1 No. 3, June/July 1981

Apple Times: a newsletter for Apple’s European employees… and company trivia fanatics.

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This copy of Apple Times, Volume 1 Number 3 is dated June/July 1981 and is overflowing with wildly obscure trivia about the company.

This is currently the only Apple Times newsletter I have in my collection.  As always, I’m happy to get more, whether through your generous donation or direct purchase of our extra/unwanted copies.