8/16: The Journal of Apple II Programming

8/16 was a programming magazine founded by Ross Lambert in 1990, right around the time most major Apple II magazines were either folding, or moving away from heavy technical articles in favor of more “user-friendly” content such as software reviews and general computing pieces.  As the title implied, 8/16 maintained a focus on programming tips and techniques for both the 8-bit Apple II family, and the 16-bit Apple IIGS.  8/16 was offered in both disk and traditional print subscriptions and ran as an independent magazine until it was purchased by Tom Weishaar, whose Resource Central publishing empire was already putting out a number of popular titles such as Open-Apple and TimeOut-Central.  Weishaar rolled out the newly rechristened “8/16-Central” in December 1990, and it appeared monthly until October 1991, when it was discontinued and the subscribers migrated to GS+.

Many Apple II programming luminaries such as Jerry Kindall, Mike Westerfield of The ByteWorks, and Intrec’s Jerry Cline would contribute pieces to 8/16 and its later incarnation.

A total of 9 issues of the original 8/16 were published before the buyout.  For more on the history of 8/16 and Weishaar’s titles, visit Dr. Steve Weyhrich’s excellent apple2history.org page here.

Volume 1, Number 1: March 1990

March 1990

Volume 1, Number 2: April 1990

April 1990

Volume 1, Number 3: May 1990

May 1990

Volume 1, Number 4: June 1990

June 1990

Volume 1, Number 5: July 1990

July 1990

Volume 1, Number 6: August 1990

August 1990

Volume 1, Number 7: September 1990

September 1990

Volume 1, Number 8: October 1990

October 1990

Volume 1, Number 9: November 1990

November 1990

An archive of the accompanying disc images for all of the issues is available here. (2.08 MB (2,183,038 bytes)).

The disk images were also included on the Time in a Bottle CD-ROM collection.  TIAB is sold through the 16sector store and the wealth of information included in that compilation is well worth the $50 asking price.  Thanks to Kelvin Sherlock for the info!

Thanks to Charlie Danemark for supplying us with scans of the issues we were missing.

Thanks to Antoine Vignau of French programming group Brutal Deluxe for supplying the disc images.