Hey Diddle Diddle

Spinnaker Software developed educational titles for the popular 8-bit home computers in the ’80s.  My memory is that they were better known for their Commodore 64 line than Apple II, but I wasn’t a big collector of educational software, so I could be wrong.  A Google search for this particular software returns loads of links to the C64 version, but almost none for the Apple II.

This is the manual for Hey Diddle Diddle, an “edutainment” product focused on teaching reading and rhyming skills to young children and consisting of three modules, “Storytime,” Storybook,” and “Rhyme Game.”

I can’t find an Apple II disk image in any of the usual online repositories and the copy I received from the former Egghead Software employee appears to be heavily protected.  I’ll try my hand at cracking it, but don’t hold your breath.

This copy is very likely a pre-release dealer demo version, as the manual, diskette label and diskette jacket are in grayscale and I recall Spinnaker’s materials being very colorful, as you would expect for products aimed at small children.

Hey Diddle Diddle Manual (PDF | 12.4 MB)

Instruction Booklet

Hey Diddle Diddle Disk Image (DSK | 140K)

Disk Image Coming Soon!