Castle Wolfenstein

Silas Warner’s Castle Wolfenstein, published in 1981 by Muse Software was a wildly popular game and spawned a successful direct sequel, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, as well as a number of “spiritual successors” and homages.

There were (at least) two versions of the manual.  This is the earlier one, featuring a purple cover.  The later version (seen on Asimov, the Internet Archive and elsewhere) has a brow(ish) cover. Other changes include:

  • The font has been updated from the typewriter script to a more professional look, and the text has a new layout to match.
  • All instances of the word “Muse” now appear in caps.
  • The “Castle Wolfenstein” banner above Warner’s name on page 1 has been updated.
  • A copyright notice has been added to page 2.
  • On page 3, the paragraph about the use of Super-Text has been slightly reworded and the copyright notice no longer appears.
  • The drawing of the running soldier on page 4 has been replaced with the one that appears on the cover.
  • The ad on page 10 featuring other software from Muse has been updated with more recent titles, and no longer references their cassette offerings, or Integer BASIC/Applesoft ROM requirements for certain games. An Apple trademark notice has also been added here.

Castle Wolfenstein Manual (PDF | 6.8 MB)


Castle Wolfenstein Disk Image (DSK | 140 K)

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