Bank Street Writer

Bank Street Writer is a word processing application from Br0derbund.  There were multiple versions (some would say a multitude) released over the years and finding the correct documentation for your copy can be challenging these days.

Obviously, this isn’t a game title but it’s the only non-entertainment software in the box I was given by the former Egghead retail employee and it seemed kind of weird to stick it off by itself some place, so here it is.

This manual and reference card are for the “IIc and 128K IIe” version of Bank Street Writer.  This is apparently different from the “Bank Street Writer IIc” and “Bank Street Writer Enhanced” editions (enhanced being for the enhanced Apple IIe).  To add to the confusion, there’s also a “Bank Street Writer Plus” edition that *isn’t* for the Apple II Plus, and several other major and minor revisions.

I remember my father deciding not to buy this program because the salesman at the software store couldn’t tell him the differences between the three versions they had on the shelf that day, or why he would need one over the others.

Bank Street Writer Instructions

Instruction Manual

Bank Street Writer Disk Images (ZIP | 138 KB)

Disk Images