This is a collection of scans from various game documentation, feelies and other miscellany that I’ve accumulated over the years.  Many of these are dealer demos given to me by a former employee of an Egghead Discount Software store that I used to haunt during my high school years.

Back then, “demo” in this sense of the word, was a game or application sent to the dealership as a training and sales tool that employees could use to “demo” to prospective customers.  They usually arrived as a complete set of diskettes and manuals, but without boxes, packaging, warranty paperwork and the like, and they were usually stamped “DEMO COPY – NOT FOR SALE” all over them.

When that particular Egghead location was closing down, my salesman friend grabbed a box and filled it up with all these games.  He didn’t feel particularly bad about it, as he had the store manager’s permission and the publishers had told them not to bother to return it.  This was in early ’92 or ’93 and no one wanted to buy Apple II software any more.