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Gibson Light Pen Manual, Open Letter and Pentrak Graphics Journal

This is the Owner’s Manual for Koala Technologies’ Gibson Light Pen System, an open letter from the pen’s designer, Steve Gibson, and a copy of the Pentrak Graphics Journal, a small brochure of pen-compatible software and creative ideas for things to do with it.



Owner's Manual

Open Letter from Steve Gibson

Pentrak Graphics Journal

Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures #072-0062 Vol V (Feb 1986 ed)

This is the Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures #072-0062 Vol II (Jan 1986 edition) binder. It contains troubleshooting, take-apart, and preventive maintenance technical procedures; and illustrated parts lists for a number of Apple disk drives, including the Disk II Drive, Disk /// Drive, Apple ProFile, DuoDisk and UniDisk drives, Macintosh External Drive (400K and 800K), HardDisk 20, and UniDisk 3.5. There was also a section of the ImageWriter technical procedures inserted – probably by mistake, but I included it in this PDF anyway.


Download PDF (131.5 MB)

Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures #072-0062 Vol II (Jan 1986 ed)

This is the Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures #072-0062 Vol II (Jan 1986 updates edition) binder. It contains technical procedures, take-apart, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and illustrated parts lists for the following Apple products: SilenType, Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel and Scribe printers; Apple Color Plotter; Apple Graphics Table (RFI and Non-RFI versions); Apple Numeric Keypad (Apple II/II Plus; and Apple //e versions); and the ill-fated Macintosh Office (Apple LaserWriter and AppleTalk Networking products) – here’s its despised “Lemmings” Super Bowl ad.

*Note: Section 5 of the Scribe procedures is not present in this binder. This may be due to removal as instructed in a previous update or because the shop owner didn’t properly maintain the updates shipped from Apple. There are also a few doubled pages and “jumps” in numbering, also possibly due to update removals. I left blank pages in place where they were essential for maintaining page count order.

072-0062 Vol 3

Download PDF (306.5 MB)

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1 (Undated Version)

This is the undated version of the premiere edition of Apple on Apples, a magazine briefly published by Apple Computer with a lot of white space and advertorial. There was also a version printed for some reason with the date on the cover and a few other minor differences that you can read about on Paul Hagstrom’s excellent Yesterbits blog here.

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1

Download PDF (38.2 MB)