Thunderware Thunderclock Plus Driver for Apple ///

In 1982, Thunderware released the Thunderclock Plus for the Apple II line.  A versatile expansion card, in addition to standard clock and calendaring functions, it could also be made to control your X10 home automation devices.

For Apple /// users who were left without a built in clock option after the National Semiconductor chip fiasco, the Thunderclock Plus was an attractive option because it also worked in the ///, provided they had the appropriate driver disk.

I came across this disk in a box of Apple /// stuff someone sent me and thought it important to preserve, as I can’t find it online elsewhere.  You can download the image I made here.

The Internet Archive has a copy of the Apple II version of the user manual, but it looks like most of the functionality is going to be the same when the card is in the /// and the parts that aren’t, are on the driver disk and easily understood.


Thunderclock Plus ad, 1982

Thunderclock Plus ad from Infoworld magazine, May 17, 1982.