Selector /// Program Switching Utility

Selector ///

ON THREE’s Selector /// was designed as an alternative to Quark Catalyst. Like Catalyst, Selector /// allowed a user to load commercial applications to their ProFile or other hard drive and then acted as a launcher for the installed programs. Unlike Catalyst, Selector /// wasn’t saddled with copy protection, but it still worked with a wide range of popular programs for the Apple ///.

This is an earlier version, so the list of officially supported applications is rather limited, but with a little tweaking, it can be made to work with more programs and non-ProFile hard drives.

Note: Selector /// requires at least 256K of RAM in your Apple ///.

Selector /// Memory Warning


The ad flyer is a full-color promotional brochure ON THREE included with all its software, highlighting their latest and greatest products and prices.

The disk images contained in the .zip archive are:

Selector /// User's Guide - PDF - 43.8 MB

Selector /// User's Guide

ON THREE Ad Flyer - PDF - 2.8 MB


Selector /// Disk Images - .zip - 174 KB

Selector /// Disk Images