MicroSci A73/A143 Floppy Disk System for Apple ///

MicroSci was one of the small handful of hardware developers that decided to produce products for the Apple ///, and continued to do so even after Apple gave up on the ill-fated machine.  Marketed as a way for /// owners to increase their storage options without having to take out a second mortgage on their homes to afford Apple’s pricey ProFile hard disk drives, the A73 doubled the amount of data users could store on their floppy disks; and the more expensive A143 quadrupled it.

This collection of documents and information contains:

  • The Installation Manual Floppy Disk System A73/A143 from MicroSci
  • Two pages from the MicroSci Maintenance Manual Appendix A, which has a nice list of spare parts and pricing (probably outdated by now) for component level repair of the drives
  • The first two parts of a three part review and in-depth technical look at the A143 as published in the TauTales, the Third Apple User Group newsletter
  • Another article from the same publication containing detailed instructions on how to align the drives
  • Another how-to article by Ed Gooding explaining how to adjust drive speed on the MicroSci devices

If you’re the type to notice such things, there are pages missing from the Installation Manual.  I didn’t bother to scan them because they’re blank and my source is an aging photocopy of a rather sloppily produced manual, so the priority here became preserving the information about an obscure hardware product, rather than making an archival-quality copy of the guide itself.

MicroSci Installation Manual Floppy Disk System A73/A143, 1984Download (38.3 MB (40,244,452 bytes))



This zip file contains images of the following diskettes:

  • A73-A143 DRIVERS: A single-sided SOS diskette containing the drivers necessary to use the A73 and A143 drives on your Apple /// computer. This is a copy of the diskette that shipped from MicroSci.
  • SYSTEM UTILITIES: This is an Apple /// System Utilities disk, with the A73/A143 drivers pre-installed and configured, as described in the manual. You can use this to format, copy, etc. diskettes suitable for use in your A73/A143 drives.
  • SYSTEM UTILITIES EXAMPLE: This SOS floppy has been configured as a two-stage boot, with two (2) ProFile drives, and an A143 as Disk 2. This is intended to give the user an example of one possible configuration set up.
  • USCIWK: This is the “USCIWK” diskette, created by following the set up instructions in the manual. You can use the files on this diskette to read standard 35-track formatted floppy disks in your A73/A143s, and to configure A73/A143 drivers for inclusion in a SOS.DRIVER file.