Draw ON /// Graphics Tool

Draw ON ///

In 1983, ON THREE released Draw ON /// Graphics Tool, a drawing utility designed to provide an improved user experience over Apple’s Business Graphics package.  A revised edition that included mouse support – and the ability to use the Cursor /// joystick, if you had one – and could utilize ON THREE’s own 512K memory card, was published in 1984.

Draw ON /// Graphics ToolDownload (PDF, 118.9 PDF)

This zip file (187 KB) contains images of the four diskettes included in the package.  Unlike most Apple /// software, nearly everything ON THREE published came without copy protection, so this will work nicely with BOS, Selector /// or other launcher program without modification.  Draw ON /// could also be made to work with Quark Catalyst, though not without some serious effort from the end-user and there were certain problems that couldn’t be avoided in that configuration.

Draw ON /// Disk Images: DO3.zip (187 KB)Draw ON /// Disk images (187 KB)

The images in this package are: