Apple /// Pascal

Apple /// Pascal is one of the three development packages from Apple Computer that made it to retail (the fourth, and is based on the USCD version.  Apple included an assembler IDE which, by all accounts, was very buggy.

Main Application

Apple III Pascal - Packaging

Box, Paperwork and Packaging

Apple III Pascal - Introduction, Filer, and Editor

Introduction, Filer, and Editor

Apple III Pascal - Introduction, Filer and Editor Errata

Introduction, Filer, and Editor Errata

Apple III Pascal - Program Preparation Tools

Program Preparation Tools

Apple III Pascal - Program Preparation Tools Errata

Program Preparation Tools Errata

Apple III Pascal - Programmer's Manual Volume 1

Programmer's Manual Vol. 1

Apple III - Programmer's Manual Volume 2

Programmer's Manual Vol. 2

Apple III Pascal - Programmer's Manual Errata

Programmer's Manual Errata

Version 1.1 Update

When Apple shipped the “enhanced” Apple /// following the 14,000-unit recall of faulty computers, they included updated system software, manuals and applications.

Pascal version 1.1 was released to address user complaints of bugs, code bloat and memory hogging.

David Schmenk was nice enough to send along a set of scans for the manuals included with the Apple /// Pascal 1.1 Update.

Apple /// Pascal Technical Reference Manual - PDF - 446 MB

Technical Reference Manual

Apple /// Pascal Technical Reference Manual Supplement - PDF - 91.6 MB

Technical Reference Manual Supplement

Apple /// Pascal Numerics Manual: A Guide to Using the Apple /// SANE and Elms Units - PDF - 208.3 MB

Numerics Manual

Apple /// Pascal Update: An Introduction to Version 1.1 of Apple Pascal for Improved Application Program Development - PDF - 164.3 MB

Introduction to version 1.1