Apple /// Extended Limited Warranty

This is the Apple /// Extended Limited Warranty packet.  Available for $395 (compare to the Apple II’s $225 price tag for the same service), the legalese in these papers extended a buyer’s standard 90-day warranty out to a year, and extended  coverage to include any “first-party” Apple /// peripherals purchased from a local authorized Apple dealership.

This all came in a nifty vinyl wallet that was given a leather-like finish and stamped Apple logos and lettering (which don’t show up very well on a scanned image, unfortunately).  Presumably the choice of this material over real leather was made to avoid offending Steve Jobs’ vegan sensibilities.

Tucked neatly in the wallet’s opposing pockets, the customer would find a wealth of information:

  • Warranty Users Guide
  • Warranty Registration 3-Part NCR Form
  • Dealer Instruction Sheet
  • Extended Warranty Booklet
  • Label Sheet for equipment label and 3 serial number labels
  • Warranty Certificate

The Dealer Instruction sheet appears to be a “feel-good” inclusion that customers were to present to the dealer, and which told said service provider in large bold font to complete in the presence of the customer, as though the dealership had never done this before, and/or was staffed with complete idiots who needed close guidance from both Apple and the customer.  Maybe Apple felt it helped the customer to feel more a part of the process and develop some sort of bond to her new product.  To me, it seems kind of demeaning to the dealer but then again, I don’t work in retail, so maybe this sort of thing is de rigueur.

I couldn’t divine a specific publish date but given the higher serial number of the Apple /// to which this packet was assigned, I’d say it was definitely well into the 5-volt “enhanced” /// run.  There are several references to the planned-but-never-released 96K configuration, though that may have been due to management’s unwillingness to spend more money to have the forms reprinted.

Apple /// One Year Extended Limited Warranty

Download (17.5 MB (18,384,542 bytes))

I wonder how many of those “Quality of Service” mail-in forms came back to Cupertino filled out with snarky comments about customers’ first-hand experiences with the Apple ///’s well-documented reliability issues… “Sir, just lift the front edge of the computer six inches and drop it on a hard surface.”