Apple /// Dealer Documents

This packet is a small set of Apple III-related documents, memos, newsletters and announcements that Apple distributed to dealers.  The dealers were then expected to hand them out to new and prospective Apple III owners.

Apple /// Dealer Documents Packet

Download PDF (21 MB)

This PDF contains the following:

Letter dated Apr 16, 1984 from David M FradlinApple /// Manager, Personal Business Systems Group, to dealers discussing the Outstanding Apple /// Dealer program and new Apple /// products (1 page)

Apple /// News Flash, April 1984, a newsletter for Apple /// dealers (2 pages)

Apple /// Owner Survey, intended for dealers to distribute to their customers (2 pages)

Letter dated Oct 3, 1983 from David M. Fradlin, to customers explaining the newly-established Apple /// product team (1 page)

Announcement of APPLE SERVE ///, an electronic information service for Apple /// owners hosted on CompuServe (1 page)

List of APPLE SERVE /// Electronic Mail Commands (1 page)

Announcement of the Apple /// Plus and the Interlace Video and Clock/Calendar Upgrade kits (1 page)

Announcement of Apple /// Pascal update v1.1, dated Sept 15, 1983 (1 page)

Letter dated Dec 26, 1983 from David M. Fradlin to customers discussing the Apple /// Plus introduction and APPLE SERVE /// electronic information service (1 page)

Chart showing The Apple /// Product Family, and various packages including the Professional System, the Professional Plus, the Business System, the Business System Plus and the Multi System (1 page)

Announcement of the creation of the Personal Business Systems Group, and new product announcements including:

  • the free Clock/Calendar Kit Offer
  • the new Apple /// “Business System”
  • version 2.0 of Catalyst from Quark
  • the Apple Serial Card ///
  • version 2.0 of Apple Writer ///
  • Apple Speller ///
  • Apple BPI /// Business Accounting
  • Apple File ///
  • Apple Color Plotter
  • Apple Access 3270
  • MICRO Courier ///
  • featured products from other third-party Apple /// developers

… and a referral to ON THREE, the Apple /// User Group (4 pages)