Apple Modem 300/1200 Documentation

This part one of the User Manual set for the Apple Modem 300/1200, the reference card and associated paperwork (Limited Warranty, Packing List and customer Evaluation Report).

As with other hardware documentation from Apple during that era, “Part II” of the User Manual was specific to the type of computer for which the expansion was intended.  The Packing List included with this set indicates the particular modem with which it was included, was for use with the Apple ///, so the manual would be titled: “Apple Modem 300/1200 User Manual Part II: Guide to Apple ///”.  Alas, this set of documentation didn’t come with that.

The Apple Modem 300/1200 was also marketed to Apple II and early Macintosh customers.

Apple Modem 300/1200 User's Manual Part I: Reference Manual

User Manual Part I: Reference

Apple Modem 300/1200 User's Manual - Part II: Guide to Apple ///

User Manual Part II: Apple ///

Reference Card and Paperwork

Reference Card & Paperwork