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This is the Locksmith Version 6.0 User’s Manual for the Apple II, II Plus, //e, //c and IIGS.  I originally scanned and posted this manual a few years back after I came across it in a box of used computer manuals at a local thrift store.  A bit of Googling revealed that there was a text-only version that had been hand-typed way back when, but no complete scan online.

The first PDF I produced was low-quality and quickly scanned with the intention of getting it online in an expedient manner.  This is a higher-quality version made from the same document.  At certain places, the text is hard to read, but this is due more to the poor print of the original manual than any clean up I did.

I’ve also scanned and posted The Compleat Guide to Locksmith Parameters, a 4-page flyer on how to use Locksmith’s powerful parameter system.

Locksmith 6.0 User's Manual - PDF - 45.7 MB

User's Manual (45.7 MB)

The Compleat Guide to Locksmith Parameters - PDF - 452 KB

The Compleat Guide to Locksmith Parameters (452 KB)

This is the User Manual and Reference Card for an unknown version of Locksmith.  Neither the manual nor card make any mention of which version this is for, but the card bears a copyright date of 1980 and the company’s original name, Omega Software Products.  Omega changed its name soon after creation, to Omega MicroWare and this is what is printed in the manual, along with a 1981 copyright.

Another indicator of era is the system requirements printed in the manual: 48K Apple II or II Plus – well into the life of the II line, but before 64K machines were common and predating the IIe.

Locksmith User Manual

User Manual

Locksmith Reference Card

Reference Card