Don Worth’s DOS 3.2 Flow of Control, Annotated Disassemblies and Notes

Whether you’re familiar with his groundbreaking books Beneath Apple DOS and Beneath Apple ProDOS; or Beneath Apple Manor, his popular Rogue-like game for the Apple II before there was a Rogue to be like; if you were an Apple II user in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90s, you know the name Don Worth.  Last year, Worth took to Facebook to give away some of his collection to eager users and I was lucky enough to score, among other things, this copy of his annotated DOS 3.2 disassembly.

DOS 3.2 Flow Control, Annotated Disassembly, and Notes by Don Worth and Victor Tolomei

According to Don, when Apple discovered his efforts to disassemble and document DOS, he received a call from Woz himself asking Don not to directly publish his findings.

Download PDF (137 MB)

Note: Many pages in this document have a few centimeters of text shaved off the right edge. This is how the the text appears in the copy Don sent me, and not an artifact of my scanning process.

Prolific Apple historian David T. Craig sent along his scan of a version of the disassembly, sent to him by Don Worth in 2002. David’s version has the added advantages over mine of being a later – and thus improved – edition; and in his copy, the right edge of the pages aren’t clipped by the photocopier, as they are in mine. Oh, and the PDF is smaller.

Thanks to David for sending this along!

David T. Craig's copy of Don Worth's DOS 3.2 Disassembly

David T. Craig’s copy of Don Worth’s DOS 3.2 Disassembly

Download PDF (60 MB)