Apple //e Design Guidelines

This is the Apple //e Design Guidelines manual (A2F2116) published by Apple in 1982.  Though the title only references Apple’s then-latest model of the // line, the Apple /// is mentioned throughout the work and information on how to adapt these guidelines to the /// is provided for nearly every topic.

Written by Joe Meyers of the Apple PCS Publications Department and Bruce Tognazzini of the Apple PCS Application Software Department, the latter’s witty and informal writing style is evident throughout the text:

'Tog's wit on display.

‘Tog’s wit on display.

‘Tog’ would go on to greater fame for his work in User Interface design, authoring “The Apple Human Interface Guidelines” manual in 1987 before striking out on his own as a usability consultant specializing in human computer interaction.

To my knowledge, this hasn’t been scanned before.

* This manual was loaned to me at KansasFest by Ivan Drucker. Thanks, Ivan!

Apple //e Design Guidelines (A2F2116), 1982Download (36.0 MB (37,759,751 bytes))