Apple Daisy Wheel Printer

The data sheet for the Apple Daisy Wheel Printer describes it thusly:

The Daisy Wheel Printer is a fully-formed character, impact printer which produces documents of professional correspondence quality at an average speed of 40 characters per second. Highly reliable and simple to operate, it works with any Apple computer system. The Apple Daisy Wheel Printer handles all kinds of documents, from form letters printed on letterhead to financial statements up to 198 characters per line in length.

The Apple Daisy Wheel Printer improves the quality and impact of your letters and documents, because its fully-formed, highly readable characters give all your printed communications a professional look.

Apple advertised the printer heavily, first for the Apple /// and then the Lisa upon its release in 1983, emphasizing the DWP’s superior print quality for professional and business customers.  For Apple /// users, the DWP had the added advantage over the Apple Dot Matrix Printer because, like its Silentype predecessor, it could plug directly into the port on the /// and didn’t require a UPIC or other add-on card.

This is the Operator’s Guide and Reference Card, designed for Apple by Darryl L. Sink & Associates, in an identical style to the one they made for the DMP.

Apple Daisy Wheel Printer Operator's Guide (PDF | 30.8 MB)

Apple Daisy Wheel Printer Operator's Guide

Apple Daisy Wheel Printer Reference Card (PDF | 4.6 MB)

Apple Daisy Wheel Printer Reference Card

The package also included a diskette called “Diskware: Apple Presents Daisy Wheel Printer Demo Diskette Apple // Systems”.  I doubt it does much more than print out various tests and characters sets, but here’s the disk image:

Apple DWP Demo Floppy