Apple Certified Developer Program Application

This is the Apple Certified Developer Program Application, as it looked circa early 1984.  The envelope is postmarked March 20, 1984 but the paperwork had not yet been updated to include the new Macintosh.  Prospective developers had to fill out the three-page application and return it to Apple.  According to the included description, the primary goal of the certified developer program was, “to attract and support developers who currently have, or have under development, high quality products which run on Apple systems…  Through a variety of programs we provide a unified and consistent mechanism for doing business with Apple.”  The program, which was administered by Apple’s Developer Relations Group, gave members access to Apple-sponsored conferences and seminars, Apple-sponsored classes, discounts on hardware and software and “high level” technical support.


Apple Certified Developer Program ApplicationApple Certified Developer Program Application (7.5 MB)