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XREF (Cross Reference) to Apple II Programming Books (Pre-publication Draft – 12-22-88)

This is the pre-publication draft edition of XREF (Cross Reference) to Apple II Programming Books, dated 22 December 1988.

The XREF is a compilation of the glossaries and indexes from the books and references listed below. It is intended to be a “look here first” book for helping readers to find the definitions and terms used in any of these sources of technical information. In addition, the compiled index will help readers find what they are looking for across the entire suite.


Apple IIc Technical Reference
Apple IIe Technical Reference
Apple IIGS Firmware Reference
ProDOS 16 Technical Reference
Programmer’s Introduction to the Apple IIGS
Technical Introduction to the Apple IIGS
Apple IIGS Toolbox Reference (treated as a whole)

Technical notes:

Apple IIe Tech Notes
Apple IIc Tech Notes
Apple IIGS Tech Notes
Apple II Miscellaneous Tech Notes
AppleTalk Tech Notes
GS/OS Tech Notes
ImageWriter Tech Notes
Memory Expansion Card
Mouse Tech Notes
ProDOS 8 Tech Notes
Pascal Tech Notes
SmartPort Tech Notes
UniDisk 3.5 Tech Notes

The X-Ref contains two sections. The first is the complete glossary from all of the books listed. The second section is the combined index from all of the above technical references.

This is a pre-publication draft and as such may contain inaccuracies and, as such, is presented here for educational, historical, and research purposes only. It is not maintained, corrected or updated by Apple or myself. You can find the official, published edition here.


Download PDF (275 MB)

(This text swiped in part from the description of the 3/1989 edition.)

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1 (Undated Version)

This is the undated version of the premiere edition of Apple on Apples, a magazine briefly published by Apple Computer with a lot of white space and advertorial. There was also a version printed for some reason with the date on the cover and a few other minor differences that you can read about on Paul Hagstrom’s excellent Yesterbits blog here.

Apple on Apples Vol. 1 No. 1

Download PDF (38.2 MB)

Turbo Mouse ADB documentation

This .zip file contains the documentation for the Kensington Turbo Mouse ADB, which you can use with your Apple IIGS (or ADB-compatible Macintosh). The Turbo Mouse Plus/Turbo Mouse ADB Instructions booklet, Turbo Mouse User Manual, Turbo Mouse Accessories pamplet, and Kensington Product Registration Card are included in the archive.

Turbo Mouse ADB docs

Download .zip (24.5 MB)