Prince (Baudville/Zenon, 1985)

This is the manual for Prince, a program developed by Zenon and published by Baudville in 1985. Baudville was well known for its educational and “home creative” titles that competed directly against Br0derbund’s offerings, but for the life of me, I can’t remember anything about Prince or even that it was a thing. I do recall the cute little lizard mascot icon that appears throughout the manual, but only from the cover of this issue of Computist magazine. The program is mentioned in this Baudville catalog published three years later but only on a product comparison chart and without other explanation or context, and in fact, the internet doesn’t know much about it either.

Anyway, according to the manual:

Now you can make vivid full-color prints with your regular black & white printer. With PRINCE software and special color ribbons you can print colorful pictures, charts, labels, bumper stickers, greeting cards, banners, and much more. PRINCE can even print iron-on transfers for your own custom T-shirts, stuffed toys, pillows, etc.

You can use PRINCE to print any normal hi-res or double hi-res screen image. The back side of the PRINCE program disk contains a variety of pictures for you to use, or you can load pictures from other paint and drawing programs. You can even capture screen images directly from other programs and bypass the disk completely! This allows you to print hi-res screens from games and other programs that normally cannot be saved to disk.

So it’s like Br0derbund’s The Print Shop but more, hence “Prince”. Get it? Because it… prints… or something.

Prince (Baudville, 1985)

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Note: I recently had the opportunity to “rescue” several boxes of photocopied Apple II manuals and documentation that had been discovered during a basement spring cleaning at my local library branch. This scan is sourced from a photocopy made on equipment that was new 40 years ago, so the quality is so-so and shouldn’t be considered archival. If I find an original manual, I’ll replace this file with an improved version.