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applesource13 through 16, 18 and 19

Scanned and posted more applesource newsletters. This time, numbers 13 through 16, 18 and 19. Visit our applesource page here, or download the issues right here:


applesource13 (Nov 1980)


applesource14 (Dec 1980)


applesource15 (Jan 1981)


applesource16 (Feb 1981)


applesource18 (Apr 1981)


applesource19 (May 1981)


applesource22 (Aug 1981)

Macintosh Selling Guide (Dec ’83)

This is the first edition of the Macintosh Selling Guide, a booklet designed by Apple to help acquaint dealerships and salespeople with the upcoming new computer.  The first portion of the pamphlet goes over the basics of Macintosh, how it stacks up against the IBM PC, where it fits in the Apple product family and some suggestions for how to approach potential new customers. As Apple introduced new models and related software and peripherals, the Selling Guide was updated and new revisions were mailed to dealers.

There are two loose single sheets, Here’s How to Own-A-Mac and Introduction Media Schedule.  The first outlines how current dealership employees can buy a Macintosh, Accessory Pack, ImageWriter printer and Carrying Case for $1,054; the second is a list of dates for important Macintosh PR events – fascinating stuff.

Also included is a Macintosh Questions and Answers packet (what we would call a FAQ nowadays).

This isn’t a Macintosh site, but I don’t really know anyone collecting and posting vintage Mac documentation, so I’ll probably just upload it to Asimov, but I won’t be setting up a page dedicated to the platform.  In the meantime, you can grab a copy here.

Macintosh Selling Guide (12/83)

Macintosh Selling Guide (12/83)