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Open Apple Gazette Premier Edition

Scanned and posted the Premier Edition of Open Apple Gazette, the newsletter of The Original Apple ///ers user group.  This completes our collection – a total of nine issues and one 4-page promo flyer were published.  You can download them all here.


Open Apple Gazette, Vol. 1 No. 1: Premier Edition.

Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures, Volume III (072-0062)


Scanned and posted the Volume III binder of the Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures manual set (I believe there are four in total). These are Apple part number 072-0062, and this copy of Volume III is dated July 1, 1984, and contains various updates from October 1984 and later.


Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures, Volume III (#072-0062)


Volume III contains take-apart and basic troubleshooting and repair procedures for the Apple Modems 300 and 1200 and Apple Personal Modem, the Apple Graphics Tablet, Apple II and //e Power Supplies, Numeric Keypads, the Apple Color Plotter, the Monitor II, the Apple ColorMonitor 100, the Flat Panel Display, and the Apple ColorMonitor IIe and ColorMonitor IIc.

This particular binder also contained incomplete sections for Apple Keyboard keyswitch identification and replacement, the Apple Hard Disk 20, and the October 1984 Update Mailing, which contained updated Tables of Contents, new and replacement sections and corrected information to reflect Apple’s latest hardware and approved procedures.

Note: Because of the way Apple updated these manuals for owners through frequent mailings of new sections and pages, they required some effort and organizational skills to maintain in a way that made sense throughout.  Whoever had this originally didn’t always keep up, resulting in some missing / disorganized sections, and pages that don’t necessarily match the Tables of Contents,  I did my best to make sense of everything, but some parts just don’t match up.  If I ever obtain a better or “more-correct” version, I’ll update this PDF.

Remember that these are Level I documents – you’re not going to get schematics or theory of operation papers, but the information here is great for what most hobbyists need on a regular basis: day-to-day preventive maintenance and simple, quick repairs.

As with Volume I, sharp-eyed readers will note there are many pages missing (jumping from 4.7 to 4.9 for example). This is because I left out the completely blank sheets that still were part of Apple’s page numbering scheme. I believe Apple maintained this organizational method to make it easier to replace pages and sections with updated information mailings while keeping the material easy for techs to search and use. The pages I excluded have nothing at all on them, as opposed to several sheets that include no useful information, but are still printed with the template and page number.

Download Volume III binder here (PDF (243 MB), or visit the Apple Service Technical Procedures Manuals page.