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Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures, Volume I (072-0062)

Scanned and posted the Volume I binder of the Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures manual set (I believe there are four in total). These are Apple part number 072-0062, and this copy of Volume I is dated July 1, 1983.


Apple Service Level I Technical Procedures, Volume I (#072-0062)


Volume I contains take-apart and basic troubleshooting and repair procedures for the Apple II, /// and IIe; the Disk II and Disk /// floppy drives; the ProFile hard disk system; the Silentype, Dot Matrix (DMP), and Daisywheel (DWP) printers; the Apple II keyboard; and the Apple Numeric Keypad.

Remember that these are Level I documents – you’re not going to get schematics or theory of operation papers, but the information here is great for what most hobbyists need on a regular basis: day-to-day preventive maintenance and simple, quick repairs.

Sharp-eyed readers will note there are some pages missing (jumping from 4.7 to 4.9 for example). This is because I left out a handful of completely blank sheets that still were part of the page numbering scheme, for some reason.  Note that the ones I excluded have nothing at all on them, as opposed to several sheets that include no useful information, but are still printed with the template and page number.

Download Volume I binder here (PDF (227 MB), or visit the Apple Service Technical Procedures Manuals page.

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