Apple III: Catch the IIIrd Wave

Scanned and posted a binder of Apple /// guides and articles.

I called this “Catch the ///rd Wave” because each binder section has the iconic graphic below the title:

Catch the ///rd Wave

This was one of the slogans used during Apple’s “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” PR push during the rollout of the revised /// in late ’81 and ’82, which leads me to believe the binder might have been put out by Cupertino rather than something compiled by a Users Group or training program, as I initially believed.

The binder has tabbed sections containing the Apple /// Software Resource Guide and the Apple /// Peripherals/Accessories Guide dated December 1982, which seem to be a precursor to the “Will Someone Please Tell Me What an Apple /// Can Do?” and “Resource Guide for Apple /// and Apple /// Plus Hardware and Software” pamphlets that were produced later on.

The final section is a selection of reprinted reviews from the popular magazines of the day that focused on the new ///.  The articles are from late 1981 and 1982 and tend to be at least lukewarm to mildly positive in tone.

Apple ///: Catch the ///rd Wave

Apple ///: Catch the ///rd Wave