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MicroSci A73/A143 Floppy Disk System for Apple ///

MicroSci was one of the small handful of hardware developers that decided to produce products for the Apple ///, and continued to do so even after Apple gave up on the ill-fated machine.  Marketed as a way for /// owners to increase their storage options without having to take out a second mortgage on their homes to afford Apple’s pricey ProFile hard disk drives, the A73 doubled the amount of data users could store on their floppy disks; and the more expensive A143 quadrupled it.

This collection of documents and information contains:

  • The Installation Manual Floppy Disk System A73/A143 from MicroSci
  • Two pages from the MicroSci Maintenance Manual Appendix A, which has a nice list of spare parts and pricing (probably outdated by now) for component level repair of the drives
  • The first two parts of a three part review and in-depth technical look at the A143 as published in the TauTales, the Third Apple User Group newsletter
  • Another article from the same publication containing detailed instructions on how to align the drives
  • Another how-to article by Ed Gooding explaining how to adjust drive speed on the MicroSci devices

If you’re the type to notice such things, there are pages missing from the Installation Manual.  I didn’t bother to scan them because they’re blank and my source is an aging photocopy of a rather sloppily produced manual, so the priority here became preserving the information about an obscure hardware product, rather than making an archival-quality copy of the guide itself.

MicroSci Installation Manual Floppy Disk System A73/A143, 1984Download (38.3 MB (40,244,452 bytes))

Apple II BASIC Programming With ProDOS

This is the Apple // BASIC Programming With ProDOS manual (A2L2013) published by Apple in 1983 and contains everything the BASIC programmer would need to know when developing in the then-new ProDOS environment.  ProDOS of course is the descendent of the ill-fated Apple ///’s SOS operating system.

This manual was loaned to by Ivan Drucker at KansasFest 2013.  Somewhat surprisingly, I can’t find evidence that this has been scanned before.

Apple // BASIC Programming With ProDOS (A2L2013), 1983Download (169 MB (178,112,253 bytes))

Apple IIe Design Guidelines

This is the Apple //e Design Guidelines manual (A2F2116) published by Apple in 1982.  Though the title only references Apple’s then-latest model of the // line, the Apple /// is mentioned throughout the work and information on how to adapt these guidelines to the /// is provided for nearly every topic.

Written by Joe Meyers of the Apple PCS Publications Department and Bruce Tognazzini of the Apple PCS Application Software Department, the latter’s witty and informal writing style is evident throughout the text:

'Tog's wit on display.

‘Tog’s wit on display.

‘Tog’ would go on to greater fame for his work in User Interface design, authoring “The Apple Human Interface Guidelines” manual in 1987 before striking out on his own as a usability consultant specializing in human computer interaction.

To my knowledge, this hasn’t been scanned before.

* This manual was loaned to me at KansasFest by Ivan Drucker. Thanks, Ivan!

Apple //e Design Guidelines (A2F2116), 1982Download (36.0 MB (37,759,751 bytes))

Apple II 3.5″ Disk Controller Card Owner’s Guide

I scanned and posted the Apple II 3.5″ Disk Controller Card Owner’s Guide (030-5717-A), 1991.  There’s an older PDF that has been floating around the usual Apple II sites for a while now, which weighs in at about 3 MB and is rather low-quality, at least by today’s standards, so I decided produce a better document.

As with nearly all files you will (eventually) find here, this manual was scanned as a series of 600 dpi raw TIFFs, cropped and adjusted for color and contrast, and compiled as a PDF using Adobe Acrobat ClearScan OCR at 600 dpi.

Apple II 3.5" Disk Controller Card Owner's Guide

Download (15.4 MB (16,197,165 bytes))