Using Apple Business Computers by Kenniston W. Lord, Jr.

Van Nostrand Reinhold originally published this book as Using Your Apple III Computer. The title was changed for the second edition after Apple discontinued development on the III line in 1984. There were only a handful of third party Apple III books published so while this particular one isn’t very good, it’s still worth preserving.

Using Apple Business Computers

Using Apple Business Computers


Personal Computer World – Misc. Apple III articles

Personal Computer World was a British magazine that began in 1978 and folded in 2009. In its early days, PCW focused on the popular home computing platforms of the day, with a strong emphasis on BBC, Amstrad, Spectrum and other Euro-produced micros. I recently picked up a few issues at a garage sale and found some mentions and ads of the Apple III. I didn’t do full-issue scans so the following PDFs are “loose articles” and individual ads only.

Update: I just noticed the August 1980 PDF is actually not PCW but a different British IT magazine, Personal Computing.

July 1980
July 1980

August 1980
August 1980

May 1982
May 1982

June 1983
June 1983

The July 1980 article is a preview written for PCW by an InfoWorld editor and shared to get around Apple’s pre-release information embargo.

The August 1980 article is an early review of the Apple III.

The May 1982 article is a more thorough benchmarking of the newly revised III, which had been released the previous fall.

And the June 1983 PDF is a random collection of interesting ads, which I included mostly because they have prices and option packages listed.

Micro on the Apple Volumes 1 – 3

Update: The volumes of Micro on the Apple have been removed following a request from the copyright holder.

The three volumes of Micro on the Apple make up more than 600 pages of the best Apple programming to have originally appeared in Micro magazine, featuring contributions by some of the microcomputer industry’s best and brightest luminaries such as Bob Sander-Cederlof (Assembly Lines, S-C Assembler), Rick Auricchio (author of the Apple //e ROMs), Bob Bishop (co-founder of Apple’s R&D lab and early graphics wizard), Andy Hertzfeld (author of the ROM code for the Apple II Language card and original Macintosh team member), Gary B. Little (“Inside the Apple IIe”, “Inside the Apple IIc” and editor of A+/InCider) and dozens more.

Micro Apple 1
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Micro on the Apple Vol. 2
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Micro on the Apple Vol. 3
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Apple Computer Press Releases

This PDF is a small collection of press releases for miscellaneous Apple software and hardware:

Quick File III
Apple II Senior Analyst and Apple Business Graphics
RPS for Apple Pascal
Comm-Pac, Paralax, Designer’s Toolkit, Magic Spells, Math and Spelling Strategy, Moptown, and Speed Reader
AppleColor Monitor 100 and Extended 80-Column Text/AppleColor Card
Apple Writer II version 2.0
Apple SoftCard III by Microsoft
Apple Dot Matrix Printer (DMP) and Apple Daisy Wheel Printer


Apple Computer, Inc. Press Release pack
Apple Computer, Inc. Press Release Pack