Rhein-Neckar Apple Users Group Newsletters

Jesse Blue of legendary Apple IIGS demo group Ninjaforce has begun scanning his collection of newsletters from the Rhein-Neckar Apple Users Group (RNAUG) and is graciously allowing apple2scans.net to host the PDFs. Thanks Jesse!

Here’s the first issue Jesse sent in. More to follow soon.

Note: This scan was made from a photocopy of an old printout, so the text is a little blurry but it’s the best we’ve got.

Rhein-Neckar Apple Users Group Newsletter - January 1990 (Vol. 5 No. 1)

Rhein-Neckar Apple Users Group Newsletter – Jan 1990 (Vol. 5 No. 1)

Download PDF (3MB)

Apple IIc User Guide

When I first saw the cover of Apple IIc User Guide by Gary Phillips and Donald Scellato (Brady Communications, 1984), I thought it was a manual published by Apple for the then-new IIc, but it’s not. Maybe the Picasso-style artwork of the IIc on the cover was meant to evoke Apple’s Macintosh marketing campaign, which was in full swing at the time.

Like Bill O’Brien’s IIc book, this title is aimed squarely at new users, but it much more extensive and its improved layout and wealth of information make Apple IIc User Guide a superior title.


Download PDF (134 MB)


  • The text on some of the pages in this PDF take on a dark-greenish or dark-brownish cast. This is an artifact of the batch levels adjustment process.
  • This a 300 dpi scan. Going with 600 dpi increases the file size to nearly half a gigabyte. I’ve decided to take a “good enough” approach here because it results in a much smaller file but if you’re just dying for the larger one, let me know and I’ll send you a download link. Interestingly, going with a grayscale version at 600 dpi only reduced the file size by about 100 MB, so I felt this was the better option.

David T. Craig’s copy of Don Worth’s DOS 3.2 Flow of Control, Annotated Disassemblies and Notes

Prolific Apple historian David T. Craig sent along his scan of a version of the disassembly, sent to him by Don Worth in 2002. David’s version has the added advantages over mine of being a later – and thus improved – edition; and in his copy, the right edge of the pages aren’t clipped by the photocopier, as they are in mine.

Download it here.

The Apple IIc Book by Bill O’Brien

Scanned and posted The Apple //c Book – Your Complete Guide to Mastering Apple’s Newest Computer by Bill O’Brien. Mostly serving as an introduction to Apple 8-bit computers for new users as filtered through the prism of the Apple IIc, O’Brien’s book is about 20% IIc specific, generic Apple II information (using Applesoft, ProDOS, DOS 3.3, etc) comprising the rest. Today’s hobbyist won’t find much new here, as it lacks the technical depth of Gary B. Little’s Inside the Apple IIc, but it’s a well-written, fun beginner’s guide, and worth preserving.

Download the PDF here.

The Apple //c Book: Your Complete Guide to Mastering Apple's Newest Computer

The Apple //c Book: Your Complete Guide to Mastering Apple’s Newest Computer